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Marriage & Family Issues

Marriage & Family Issues Natural Marriage is the first institution designed by God to bind and hold together the fundamental fabric of civilized society. Marriage and the family flowing from it were created and intended for human happiness, tranquility, and the raising and nurturing of children. Because government has the ...   // more >
Prop. 8 Webinar - Watch Here!
On Thursday, August 15, 2013, Faith and Public Policy hosted a webinar Prop. 8, "Protect your Church - Same-sex "Marriage" is "Legal" in California. Participating in the webinar ...   // more >
The Same-Sex "Marriage" Battle and its Impact on California Churches
Download the .pdf to see how pastors and churches in California can protect themselves from having to perform same-sex marriages from a legal standpoint. This .pdf is a webinar ...   // more >
Get Answers to the 17 Most Important Questions about Marriage.
(Heritage) Right now, Download our Free E-book What You Need to Know about Marriage with the most Frequently Asked Questions on defining marriage, including answers to: * What ...   // more >
Marriage Supporters Win Major Victory In Illinois — Effort To Redefine Marriage Fails To Gather Support And Is Tabled Without A Vote
(National Organization for Marriage) Washington, DC — The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) today celebrated the failure of legislation to come to a vote late this evening ...   // more >
Basic Facts About the Defense of Marriage Act
(Family Research Council/Christopher Gacek) In 1996, to help defend one-man, one-woman marriage from efforts to redefine it, the U.S. Congress overwhelmingly passed - and President ...   // more >