Faith and Public Policy
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Civil Government Issues

Civil Government Issues Civil government is ordained by God to restrain evil, promote the common good, maintain moral order, and to secure our natural and unalienable rights. Because all civil governments are morally obligated to be just and good, they are accountable to the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God. * “Let ...   // more >
ENDA Threatens Fundamental Civil Liberties
(Heritage.Org) All citizens should oppose unjust discrimination, but the Employment Non-Discrimination Act of 2013 is not the way to achieve that goal. ENDA threatens fundamental ...   // more >
Should America Be Projecting Christian Values?
(Nathan Cherry) Does America have a moral responsibility to “project Christian values” to the world? It’s an interesting question that is being discussed more often ...   // more >
The Judeo-Christian Worldview and Public Policy
(FPP) The foundational principles of a Judeo-Christian worldview include the existence of God, the immutability of God, the fallen state of man, the moral law of God, and God`s sovereign ...   // more >
The Church`s Biblical Mandate Regarding Public Policy
(FPP) Why should the church be involved in the public arena? God does not call us to sit by unconcerned and ignore the issues of the world. We are to be integral parts of our communities, ...   // more >
The Ten Commandments Foundation of American Society
(Family Research Council/Dr. Kenyn Cureton) For a majority of Americans, the Ten Commandments are not set in stone. According to a USA Todaypoll, "Sixty percent of Americans cannot ...   // more >