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AB 2943 - Action Alert Flier

California AB 2943 makes it unlawful for any person to sell books, counseling services, or anything else that helps someone overcome unwanted same-sex attraction or gender identity confusion. As a result, it could be a violation if a pastor encourages a congregate to visit the church book store to purchase books that help people address sexual issues, perhaps including the Bible itself, which teaches about the importance of sexual purity within the confines of marriage between a man and woman.

AB 2943 outlaws freedom of speech. It could be a minister or religious leader, licensed counselor, or best-selling author—if there is a speaking fee, a counselor’s payment, or a conference attendance fee—it censors addressing someone who has unwanted same-sex attraction or gender identity confusion.

Under AB 2943:

  • A religious ministry could not hold a conference on maintaining sexual purity if the conference encourages attendees to avoid homosexual behavior.

  • A bookstore (including online bookstores like Amazon) could not sell many recently published books challenging gender identity ideology and advocating that these beliefs should be rejected by society.

  • A pastor paid to speak at an event addressing current social topics could not encourage attendees that they can prevail over same-sex desires or feelings that they were born the wrong sex.

Faith-based religions would be labeled fraudulent and having deceptive practices subjecting them to lawsuits, punitive damages, and attorneys’ fees.

This bill is not only unconstitutional under the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment, but AB 2943 violates the First Amendment right to speak and the right to hear and receive it.

Read entire bill here.


1. EMAIL your California Senator and ask him or her to vote "No" on AB 2943.
(Click here to send the email). 

2. CALL your California Senator and ask him or her to vote "No" AB 2943.
(Find your Senator here. Scroll to the bottom of the page).

3. SIGN the Faith and Public Policy electronic letter which will be delivered to your state Senator. (Click here to sign the letter)

4. DISTRIBUTE this flier at your church. Print the flier below and add the name of the state Senator where your church is located. (Click here to print the flier)

 If you need assistance, please contact the Faith and Public Policy office at 909-393-4711.