Faith and Public Policy
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Parental Rights Issues

Parental Rights Issues Human beings, having been created in the image of God and should be protected at every stage of life. Abortion, infanticide, euthanasia, mercy killing, etc., are morally wrong because these acts violate the character of God and the sanctity of creatures made in His own image. * For You formed ...   // more >
Should I Attend My Gay Friends Wedding?
Now that homosexual ersatzimony has become the law of the land, people who were opposed to the social contrivance in principle, will have to decide whether they will continue to ...   // more >
Prop. 8 Webinar - Watch Here!
On Thursday, August 15, 2013, Faith and Public Policy hosted a webinar Prop. 8, "Protect your Church - Same-sex "Marriage" is "Legal" in California. Participating in the webinar ...   // more >
AB 2943 Action Alert
(UPDATED: August 23, 2018) TAKE ACTION! AB 2943 PASSES IN THE SENATE! AN ASSAULT ON RELIGIOUS FREEDOM AND FREE SPEECH Call the Governor`s office and Urge him to VETO ...   // more >
Get Answers to the 17 Most Important Questions about Marriage.
(Heritage) Right now, Download our Free E-book What You Need to Know about Marriage with the most Frequently Asked Questions on defining marriage, including answers to: * What ...   // more >
Marriage Supporters Win Major Victory In Illinois — Effort To Redefine Marriage Fails To Gather Support And Is Tabled Without A Vote
($this->_build_link_list($link_count++, "", "National Organization for Marriage")) Washington, DC — The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) today ...   // more >