Faith and Public Policy
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Religious Liberty Issues

Religious Liberty Issues Religious liberty and the Judeo-Christian worldview are the indispensable moral supports upon which our American society and culture is built. However, many groups and individuals have initiated hostilities against Christianity in our courts and legislatures which are designed to diminish or destroy ...   // more >
The Same-Sex "Marriage" Battle and its Impact on California Churches
Download the .pdf to see how pastors and churches in California can protect themselves from having to perform same-sex marriages from a legal standpoint. This .pdf is a webinar ...   // more >
Why Does Religious Freedom Matter?
(Heritage Foundation) Today, the religious roots of the American order and the role of religion in its continued success are poorly understood. One source of the confusion is the ...   // more >
Political Correctness Threatens Religious Freedom
(Family Research Council/Timothy J.Dailey) The following are recent cases illustrating the threat to religious liberty. Several of these cases are from abroad, including Canada. ...   // more >
Is Same-Sex Marriage a Civil Right?
(Answers in Genesis/R. Albert Mohler Jr.) The homosexual community argues that same-sex marriage is a civil right, but is it? For a thoughtful discussion on this topic, read R. Albert ...   // more >
Oppose "Thought Crimes" ("Hate Crimes")
(Family Research Council/Peter Sprigg) In October 2009, Congress passed -- and President Obama signed -- a bill which created a broad federal "hate crime" law. For the first time, ...   // more >